Friend of the show, Pearu Unga, has written this post about why DC/Warner Brothers should be staying away from a shared cinematic universe. Prepare for our rebuttal!

DC Cinematic Experience

DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures made a huge misstep when it tried to mimic Marvel and establish its own “cinematic universe” with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Why? Because they can do much better.

The “cinematic universe” is a doomed concept that will eventually break under its own weight because:

a) continuity across multiple disconnected films acts as a limiting agent. Filmmakers are stuck with the established iteration of a character and have to take into account the events of other films when crafting a story. That is, sequels to a character’s solo film become sequels to the “cinematic universe” as a whole, with filmmakers having to justify its existence within the whole by addressing and taking into account the events in other films. The effect is that of a disjointed TV series on the big screen, each episode trying to be different but ultimately conforming to a uniform vision.

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