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In every game there are some enemies that are pretty annoying, then every now and again a game will come along that has an enemy so frustrating that you want to throw your controller across the room. It can be because they are difficult to defeat, seemingly impossible to hit or spring up constantly. This is my list of my most annoying and infuriating enemies. The enemies that make this list just don’t cause me to shake my head, they have the ability to turn my happy gaming experience upside down resulting in the inevitable expletives getting hurled at the television. So in no particular order.

#1 Clanfear – Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.

These little dinosaurs cause me no end of trouble. They are fast, always chase you around and have a large range on their diving/charge attack. My standard battles with these creatures last for longer than I’d like, generally having to use a slash, slash, block [repeat] tactic to beat them. It’s not until you get to a higher level (overall or in a specific skill) and can purchase powerful lightening spells that they start becoming easier. I also hate that unless you have a very quick character you can’t just run past them as they will chase you for ages so an encounter is almost guaranteed. Luckily these creatures only appear inside and around the openings of the Oblivion gates, so you can avoid them if you’re not following the main quest which is at least something. The game does though require you to enter at least a handful and you will probably run past a gate at some point, so you will have to face a Clanfear at some point. Personally I like to spend the least amount of time inside an oblivion gate; go in, grab the Sigil stone and get out, so having to ‘waste’ time battling Clanfear’s or have them chase me around is just something I could happily do without. That’s why the little Clanfear’s start my list.

#2 Grenade Bots – Infamous.

Without a doubt the most annoying enemy I’ve come across in recent months. This enemy flies, can go invisible and launches grenades at you! In a one-on-one situation they would be fine but this has scarcely happened to me. When you’re in the heat of battle the last thing you need is an aerial assault of grenades. The invisibility isn’t much of a problem as you can still see their outline but it doesn’t make it any easier. On so many occasions I’ve been attempting to kill hordes of enemies to then be distracted by one of these flying demons; coaxed into spending far to long trying to kill them, then dying from the fire of the reapers/dustmen or first sons. The fact I hate small flying insects and creatures in real life ( the ones that fly into your room at night thinking your TV or light bulb is the moon) put this enemy in my bad books from the get go.  These equally annoying digital counterparts in Infamous were never going to get in my good books, but with their uncanny ability to show up when you could really do without, along with a difficulty to hit with standard lightening bolts (for me) they are without doubt worthy candidates for this list.

#3 Zubat +(following generation replicas) – Pokemon Series.

The reason for buying a max repel and avoiding caves! They show up in nearly every cave and once your inside they appear more often than Lindsey Lohan at a court room. It wouldn’t be all that bad if it was useful, but it’s really not. It looks ok, has fairly rubbish stats and doesn’t even evolve into anything good; at least Geodude has a cool name and the decency to eventually evolve into Golem (it’s not amazing but looks badass, has a cool name and I’d rather have one over Golbat). There are more recent copies (most notably Woobat) that are near identical to Zubat and play the same role but Zubat has been cropping up giving its two-cent for nearly 15 years. At least now I know what to expect but I still sigh nonetheless when one pops up and I have to click more buttons than I’d like to free myself from it. So the fact Zubat has no real adhering qualities (maybe useful to kill for EV training) and appears ALL the time gets it a slot on my list.