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Championship Manager 2008

Championship Manager 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Developer: Beautiful Game Studio
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Platform: Windows, Mac OS X
Release Date: 2nd November 2007 (EU)
PEGI: 3+

Regen Guide:

Following on from my review come praising of Championship Manager 2008 I’m going to explain further how my favourite part of the game works. REGENS

What are Regens?

A: Reincarnations or regenerated versions of retired players. When a player retires the game will create a young ‘clone’ of that player, usually with the ability of becoming better than his predecessor.

How do I find Regens?

A: This is the tricky part. Finding Regens can be time consuming so be prepared to search for a while. I’ll break down each step below to try to explain how to find them.

1) You should make a note of a player you want to find BEFORE they retire!. When it says ‘is looking forward to his retirement at the end of the season’ in his status section you need to note down these attributes: Position, Nationality, date of birth, weight and height.

2*) Regen players appears in the youth squad of a team of their nationality. For example, if the player is English go to the premier league youth, if Spanish go to La Liga youth. When your viewing the appropriate league click any team, then click the ‘down’ arrow just under that team’s name and select the youth squad or (c ) team. Now under the name select the youth division. This from my experience is the best place to start, the top youth league for the country of your player.

3) Now its time to search. A Regen will play in EXACTLY the same position as the original player. However the side he plays can change. So all you need to do now is go through each team in the youth league to check to see if they have any players that match the position you are looking for.

4) When you find a player that’s the correct position (probably a couple in each youth team) you now need to check the information tab. First check the date of birth against the date of birth of the original player. If they don’t match MOVE ON, time to try the next player. If they do match …

5) So if the positions match, D.O.B matches you need to check the height and weight. If both height and weight don’t match, MOVE ON, close but no cigar. If they both match SUCCESS! You have your man.

6) (dependant on results) If you have checked every player in the correct position in 1 youth team and had no luck (you probably wont after 1 team) go back to the youth league screen and try the next one. If you manage to get through the whole league without finding your man (assuming no mistakes have been made) you will need to check the second division youth league. This has only happened to me a few times but patience is needed. If still no luck, keep working down the leagues but the player has always been in the top 2 leagues for me.


1) Franck Ribery, Attacking Midfielder (AM), French, 01-04-(83), weight 62kg, height 171cm

2) Ligue 1 → Marseille → Marseille youth → Ligue 1 Youth League (I have used Marseille purely as an example of how I got to the Ligue 1 Youth League)

3) Pick the first team in the league and check for players that play in the position AM and ONLY AM. Players that are M/AM or any variations don’t count.

4) Select AM player, check D.O.B in information tab, if D.O.B is 01-04-? (year doesn’t matter) move onto step 5. If D.O.B does not match move to step 4.5.

4.5) If the D.O.B did not match go back to the team and check for other AM players. If there is repeat step 4. If there are no more AM players in the team, go back to the youth league screen and try the next team down and then repeat step 4.

5) If you have a player that is AM with the D.O.B 01-04-? you now need to check the weight and height. If the weight and height are 62 and 171 respectively then you have matched all your required stats and have successfully found Franck Ribery’s Regen. If the weight and height did not match 62 and 171 you need to repeat step 4 selecting a different AM player from the team.

You should follow this method through each team in the youth league and onto the league below if required.

*Searching the correct league. My favourite player is Ryan Giggs and of course he is Welsh. There are no ‘major’ Welsh leagues in Championship Manager 2008 so this is where it becomes tricky. If you’re searching for a player whose nation you can’t search through via the method above, e.g. Giggs and Wales or Vidic and Serbia, you’ll have to use some tricks of the trade.

First thing you can do is check the U21 squad for the nation corresponding to your chosen player, Once in the U21 check the players using the same method as above. I’ve had mixed results with this though but its a start. Second approach, your nationality (as a manager) and the country you manage affects the results in the ‘Player/Staff Search’, if you share either one with the nationality of the player you’re looking for you can try to use the ‘Player/Staff Search’ to find your man. In the filter tab set the appropriate nationality and position for your player then put the age range to 16 – 17, or 16 – 18 to be on the safe side. Now you have to repeat the process mentioned above checking the necessary stats of every WG/F (in the case of Giggs) that comes up in the list. If you don’t match nationality with your player (you probably won’t) then fear not, simply go into the ‘Manager Status’ add a new manager with a nationality to match your desired Regen, you could even place him in a team within the required nation and then start the ‘Player/Staff Search’ method. Once you have found the player, note down his name and switch managers to your ‘real’ manager, search the player name and sign sign sign. This method isn’t useless if you don’t share nationality via manager or league with your retired star but I’ve found it far more successful when they have matched.

Are Regens any good?

A: Predominantly yes, though it can be a mixed bag. 90% of the time I find they will be as good as their original player, being good enough to make it into most first teams. Sometimes however they will be duff and turn out a bit rubbish but at the same time some turn into superstars (Giggs’ Regen has always been a star for me). The better the player to begin with the more chance there is the Regen will turn out world-class too.

Training Regens, side note:

To get the best out of your young superstars in waiting good training helps. I read this online myself somewhere and found it seems to work well (I’m not taking credit for this method). When you first get your Regen start him training on fitness, this helps improve his pace and acceleration. Once his pace and acceleration both reach around the 80+ area move him onto training related to his position. If he’s a striker pick shooting, midfielder = Midfield, winger = Attack, Defender = Defensive, do this for 1 season then put him on Tactical training for 1 season after that. Repeat this method of 1 season positional, 1 season tactical until the player is about early to mid 20’s then leave him on his appropriate positional training forever. By the mid 20’s I find most players are near peak so tactical training is unnecessary. If the player already has pace and acceleration of 80 to begin with you can skip the fitness section. On the other hand some players might never reach the 80 mark (a Paul Scholes player is never going to match a Cristiano Ronaldo player for speed). If after about 3 seasons they still haven’t got to 80 move them onto positional and tactical training anyway.

I’ve tried to explain everything as clearly as I possibly can here and I hope it helps you find the players you want, if there is anything you don’t understand please leave a comment and I will be more than happy to try to help you out. 🙂