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Orton Mic session: The show opens with Orton telling us how he dislikes the reasons behind Alberto Del Rio‘s attacks on him and how he will give ADR a beating at Hell In A Cell. ADR then comes to the top of the ramp. More back and forth talk, ADR claiming to be the new apex predator but Orton retorted that he is nothing but a bottom feeder. Wade Barrett then shows up and hits Orton from behind, slightly unexpectedly, however we quickly learn it was on the orders of ADR.

Cody Rhodes vs Kane (w)

Prior to the match I couldn’t actually decide who was going to win, however seeing the other members of each respective team at commentary, I thought Kane would win with the help of a distraction from Bryan. This match could have gone either way, its nice to have a match that isn’t super obvious to read.  Watching the match it quickly becomes apparent this is more about Sandow and Bryan on commentary than the two superstars in the ring. I did thoroughly enjoy listening to them both go back and forth, “Kane is going to dysfunction his face” and “my beard is geometrical perfection, whereas that rats nest on your face is reminiscent of a goat posterior” both had me chuckling away. Kane does win with a chokeslam to Cody and the match itself was actually alright, even if it was playing second fiddle. An enjoyable watch; does help to be a Daniel Bryan fan though.

Backstage: A very short backstage segment of Booker T confronting Big Show, warning not to make any trouble later in the Show. Big Show says Booker as nothing to worry about as he’s already proved his point on RAW.

The Miz (w) vs Yoshi Tatsu

Poor old Tatsu, only gets dragged out to be beat up by new superstars or job for those gaining momentum, JBL even says on commentary “Miz needs some momentum, badly”. Clearly Miz is going to win this but will it be a good match? Actually it wasn’t to bad (I’m actually surprised I’ve typed that), these matches are usually total bore-fests, either the favourite wins right at the end doing 1 move (Kingston vs Mcgillicutty on RAW) or the only moves we see are signature moves (Ryback vs Miz). Miz’s intensity made this match, he looked pissed at his current run, taking Tatsu to the outside highlighted this; while also adding some variety.

Main Event Flash back: They show a segment from Main Event where Heyman is talking about Ryback’s dominant victory over Ziggler.

Backstage: My self titled ‘Eve’s a bitch’ story-line comes to a close in this segment. Firstly, we are played a recap of the action from RAW then we’re taken to Booker T’s office where he is joined by Eve, Aksana, Kaitlyn, Layla and then Teddy. Secondly, it’s revealed that Eve orchestrated the hit on Kaitlyn, sending a text to Aksana telling her to wear the wig and attack Kaitlyn; Eve still tries to deny it. Thirdly, Booker T announces a triple threat for the diva’s title at HIAC; Eve vs Kaitlyn vs Layla. Finally, a tag match is made for the show, Eve & Aksana vs Kaitlyn & Layla.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett (w)

Seems a good match on paper and one I was able to get excited for. The result could go either way, most likely with a Orton win, getting revenge for Barrett’s attack earlier. However they could play it with a win for Barrett after ADR comes down and distracts or hits Orton when the ref isn’t looking.
The match itself is good, I’d be tempted to say it was a bit slow at times but I think that’s Barrett’s character so that point might be null and void. I will say one thing, STOP DOING SUPERPLEX’S RANDY ORTON! he is killing the move. Yes, he execute it very well but its lost all the magic it once had. He does it so often its becoming just another move, which it isn’t, this move was winning pay-per-view matches and being a ‘OMG moment’. Now it doesn’t even make me bat an eye lid. The end sequence was also good. Now despite the result coming out how I predicted above, I still thought Orton would win, so the fact he didn’t I’m pleased, WWE keeping me on my toes for once, I like it. Good match.
ADR then attacks Orton after the match but Orton manages to counter a few moves and avoid the cross arm breaker. ADR scurries away up the ramp.

Eve + Aksana (w) vs Kaitlyn + Laylay

Probably one of the best non pay-per-view diva matches in a while. Not a clear favourite and some good action, nice moves and smooth flow. I’m impressed with the WWE. For me, its clear that Eve will lose her diva’s title at HIAC so I should have guessed Eve would pick up the victory here, however I was still unsure who would win as the match started. Eve wins by ducking under a kick from Layla that ends up hitting Kaitlyn, Eve then shoves Layla out the ring and pins Kaitlyn. It was also interesting to get a glimpse of what Aksana can do in the ring.

Daniel Bryan vs Damien Sandow (w)

So we have the reverse match from earlier. Usually in these situations I’d predict a win for the previous losing team, yet with Kane talking about the weak link just before the match; in a great little segment with a particularly funny moment that i’ll let you discover, I can’t see the WWE portraying Bryan as the weak link. Therefore with that reasoning I thought Bryan would win. On the flip side if he loses that could be the reason for the two men separating there tag alliance. This was another good match, constant action, one move transitioned into another from both men and the ending was good. Looks like I should have stuck with my instincts, Sandow picks up the victory off an interference from Rhodes, pushing Bryan into the ring post. Sandow then hits his finisher and pins Bryan.

Sheamus and Big Show talk:

A pretty good promo section with big show reminding us how Sheamus can’t brogue kick him. Sheamus retorted that he doesn’t care if he has to chop Show down or hit him 10 times with the brogue kick, he loves to fight and can’t wait for the match. Then surprisingly after shouting “the time for fighting is now” Sheamus runs through the ‘guards’ and starts punching Big Show. It was a surprise right? we all thought they were going to behave. Having collectively thrown each guard out the ring Sheamus goes for the brogue kick only for Show to roll out the ring. End of the show.

For the last show before HIAC this was a really good Smackdown, all the matches were good and they all had me thinking about who the winners would be. This was the perfect last hype for the next PPV.