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For the first time in a very long while, the WWE tag team division looks like it may actually be finding it feet again. For years we’ve had forgettable tag teams, the majority of which were singles competitors stuck together. The days of the LOD, Hardy and Dudley Boyz and even, dare I say it, MNM (at least they were a real tag team) are only a distant memory. Instead, we have been given Kane and Big Show, Kingston and R-Truth, Miz and Morrision. While good tag teams, I very much doubt in a few years from now they will become ‘legendary’, I doubt people will even remember.

Now, to my point. With the recent shift in focus for Daniel Bryan, teaming with Kane and climbing to the summit of the tag division, along with new(er) superstars finding partners and joining the division, the WWE finds itself in a unique position. It actually has a workable tag team division! I’m normally not a big fan of teaming two established or semi established singles competitors together, it normally results in the underrated ‘real’ tag teams being overlooked. However, this is what the WWE should do in order to take full advantage of what is the most promising crop of tag team wrestlers we’re seen in ages.

Bring back the World Tag Team Championship! Have 2 titles.
There are finally enough good wrestlers to make this work. Not flash-in-the-pan partnerships like Cena & Otunga, Cena & Miz, Miz & Big Show. I believe some of the most interesting superstars to watch are lying, waiting, in the tag divisions. You would have at least 8 good teams vying for the titles, that gives 4 for RAW, 4 for Smackdown. One champion each, leaving 3 teams battling it out for the #1 contender spot on each show.
Three of these teams are ‘genuine’ tag team wrestlers: The Prime Time Players, The Uso’s and Primo & Epico. Another three are singles guys who’ve been paired but work well together: Kane & Bryan (I’m not calling them the stupid name they actually have), The Rhode Scholars and Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara. Then you have the wild cards of Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel and Santino & Zack Ryder, two teams we’ve seen recently. I think this would work perfectly.

The problem you may be thinking with my plan is that this leaves other titles, the US and Intercontinental, thin on the ground for challengers. I think I have a solution, a simple one. You can’t have every team in a #1 contenders match, there is always going to be at least one left over and once a #1 contender has been established, they don’t have to be challenged for it every week. This leaves 1 or 2 teams with nothing to do story wise. These competitors, who will most likely be the Santino’s and Gabriels; the slightly rubbish ones, can then be used as fodder for the US and Intercontinental titles. Then once a change is needed, break up a tag team OR have a tag team hold both the tag titles and a singles belt. Once all the rematch clauses are over, that former champion could be rolled into the tag division and work his way back up.

To conclude, I’m worried that this sudden surge of tag team wrestling will only last up to Hell In A Cell [2012]. I believe there are too many good wrestlers in this category that get regularly overlooked (Tyson Kidd and the Uso’s for example) therefore making it such a shame and a massive missed opportunity not to do something with this flourishing division. I hope I’m wrong and the WWE keeps up with some tag focus, RAW is 3 hours long after all, but unfortunately I get the feeling it wont last.