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I think everyone has a soft spot for Nintendo regardless of your console of choice (myself included), any self-respecting gamer has played at least one of their iconic titles. With that said these iconic titles also form my biggest gripe with Nintendo. Each new or ‘Next’ generation of consoles that come along generally bring with them some new faces, some fail but a select few become icons of a generation. The PS3 has been particularly strong in this regard in my view, bringing us new starlets Nathan Drake (Uncharted series) , Sackboy (Little Big Planet) along with Cole MacGrath (Infamous series) and Nathan Hale (Resistance series) with Nathan Drake being the most noticeable.  The Xbox 360, While I don’t think it has had many completely original titles (maybe Alan Wake), its built upon games from the original Xbox and has really made itself their home. The Gears of War and Forza Motorsport series I think are good examples of this. When I think Gears, I think 360.

With Nintendo I get a completely different feeling, I’ve become accustom to expecting Zelda, Mario (kart and platform), Smash Bros and Metroid. I know beforehand that these games will no doubt be the best games on the console (and highest rated, à la Metacritic) and will generally be far superior to any other game. I’m not knocking these games, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 both look great games while Mario Kart is hours of fun for anyone, but especially with the Wii, the gulf in class between Nintendo’s legends and the rest of the field seems huge. Excluding party games like Wii Sports are there any games outside Nintendo’s legends that are worth playing? I can’t think of any.

What I’m trying to get at is; I think its time Nintendo let a new star come to the front and have some time to shine. I know for myself the ‘re-hashing’ of old titles is becoming a bit tiresome now and one of the reasons I currently have no plans for getting a Wii U. I believe a fresh face would do the Wii U a world of good, I’m not suggesting Nintendo close the door and lock away the likes of Mario, they’re too good! Perhaps just let them take a more subdued role that allows a new generation of stars the chance to flourish. It would be good to see Nintendo take full advantage of the new hardware inside the Wii U to produce a new highly detailed realistic character that can lead the platform, maybe one that doesn’t have a cartoon style. Nintendo still has that child friendly aura about it (I think so), so I don’t think they necessarily need  a Kratos or Marcus Fénix character to go around breaking people in half, but a high detailed character of human proportions would definitely get my attention. What about you?