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For starters, I loved the first series of Fresh Meat, I thought it was hilarious; this was probably due to the fact I was actually at university at the time. So now I’ve realised that a new series has started and I’m expecting another great series. Does the first episode deliver? [Spoilers]

Everyone comes back for another term and pretty much everything and everyone is how we left it. Which is hardly surprising, as I feel the characters made the first series, regardless, it’s a good start. Jp is still in his posho bubble, Vod is exactly the same ‘waster’ that she was before, Josie, Oregon and Howard are the same people we met in series 1. Leaving just Kingsley. While ultimately the same character, he’s now sporting an awful soul patch. Combined with a new hippie attitude “a thing is, what a thing is” it just makes his character even more awkward than it was before.

It is the first episode in the series but it felt very much like a university induction week. An introduction, and one that felt like a bit of a waste of time. I know nothing about writing TV shows but the episode seemed a little bit, “here’s where all the series story lines will stem from”. My memories of the first season are laughing hysterically at least once per episode and chuckling throughout. This episode seemed to miss the ‘big laugh’, several times I gave out a “haha” but that was it. Maybe my fond memories are tinting my glasses.

The main backbone of the episode is the fact they need a new housemate after Paul Lamb ‘the invisible man’ leaves over the Christmas holiday. This quickly narrows down to 4 candidates, each having a PR man/woman inside the house. Vod shows round Sabine; a girl she finds looking at ads in the canteen, JP wants his mate from home Giles, Howard is suggesting Liam from work and Josie is backing her bezzie Heather.
However all this gets turned on its head by the sub plots of the episode. Sabine turns out to be a crazy dutch girl. We’re led to believe that Kingsley sleeps with Heather, resulting in Josie really not wanting her to become the new housemate. Giles comes out to JP that he is actually gay, like properly gay, therefore JP becomes suddenly less enthusiastic about him moving in.
After a little pep talk with K-man and later Giles, JP finally comes to turns with Giles’ sexuality; including his own, proudly announcing to the house that Giles is gay and will be the new housemate. Que drama. Unfortunately the rest of the house have already offered the room to Sabine; who just happens to knock on the door. Cutting the toing and froing short, Sabine comes into the house to take her new room.

That’s the main bulk of the episode. It’s filled out with Vod and Oregon storylines. Oregon has some continued backlash from her series 1 fling with professor Shales, attending an interview for an internship conducted by Shales’ wife. Vod’s actions take a larger focus in the episode compared to Oregons. After borrowing money from Oregon and later Howard, it become apparent to the house that Vod is borrowing money from everyone, so a house meeting is called. Despite initially claiming she is only borrowing everyone beans, Vod later realises the error of her ways and seeks to rectify the situation. In Vod style of course, getting everyone in the house to rummage through a box of her things and take what they want.

So all together it was an OK start to life in series 2 as far as I’m concerned. One thing I wasn’t overly keen on was Kingsley and Josie’s secret ‘awkward off’. Both characters seemed to be even more awkward than they did in the first series. Both going back and forth putting themselves in near cringe worthy situations. For me, it was bordering on being too extreme on the awkward teen persona. Hopefully it will turn out to be more comedy than cringe.