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So it appears Sony have finally come clean, given up the ghost or let the cat out the bag; which ever phrase you want to use. In a recent interview Shuhei Yoshida confirmed (excluding a HUGE bluff on Sony’s part) that the PS3 will never get cross-game-chat. This is not down to any software choices by Sony or that they deem it unnecessary; it’s because of the PS3 hardware itself. More specifically the RAM inside the PS3, the PS3 has 512MB of RAM in total, 256MB of system memory and 256MB video RAM. The problem lie’s here, to enable cross-game-chat the feature needs to have access to this RAM, unfortunately all the RAM is used up by games and the system leaving no room for anything else. This news will come as a blow to some Sony gamer who still hold their breath every time a new firmware update is announced. For me however, as I don’t play online often I’m not fussed. Is cross game chat really a big deal? or is the constant reminder from 360 owner the only reason its a talking point at all? What do you think, please comment.

[ Insert from shane ] – 360 will always boast about in game chat due to how awesome a feature it is, i could never imagine playing a game and not having the option to listen to annoying whiny american children trying to play Gears 🙂  I also don’t have the option to enjoy this luxury for the next month or so as someone sat on my headset and snapped it in half 😦